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aspacia provides a wide range of customizations and reports for Vista by Epicor.  Our customized reports for Vista Data Collection will enhance and extend your ability to track your company's shop floor production data as well as maintain more accurate costing information.

DC01 - D/C Timecard Audit by Supervisor - $400

Modified version of the Vista Data Collection Timecard Audit report that prints by Supervisor, then employee with a supervisor signoff. Report can be run for a range of employees, specific supervisors and date ranges, and includes a summary by supervisor.  View  Buy

DC02 - D/C Timecard Summary by Employee with Supervisor - $250

Vista Data Collection Timecard Summary Report by Employee with employee and date range.  View  Buy

DC03 - D/C Employee Absence Report - $250

Lists all Data Collection shop floor employees with no time records within the specified date range.  View  Buy

DCU01 - D/C Timecard Receipt to Inventory - $350

This program adds a button in Vista Data Collection Timecard Entry which, when selected, will create a Receipt to Inventory from Manufacturing for the job and quantity reported on the current entry.  View  Buy

DCU02 - D/C Scrap Alert - $50

This program will alert the user if scrap has been reported to a job in Vista Data Collection Shop Floor Entry.  View  Buy

DCU03 - D/C Shop Floor Entry Vista Alert in Shop Floor Entry for released/completed jobs - $50

This Vista program allows Data Collection employees to only clock into jobs that have been released to the floor and are not complete.  View  Buy

DCU04 - D/C Automatic Setup Entry - $100

This program adds setup entry to Vista Data Collection Timecard Entry with a predefined value of time if a production entry is added. This prevents the user from being forced to clock in to both setup and production on a job.  View  Buy

DCU05 - D/C Personal Time Off (PTO) Entry - $250

Custom Entry screen for adding vacation, sick or holiday records to Data Collection Timecard Entry.  View  Buy

DCU06 - D/C Timecard Entry Overtime Utility - $250

Vista does not charge overtime to jobs. This utility allows the user to designate an entry for overtime, which applies the employees labor rate x 1.5 to the job. Accurately allocate overtime to jobs through timecard entry!  View  Buy


We're constantly updating our catalog of reports and customizations for the accounts payable module of Vista by Epicor so, if you don't see what you need, call us at:


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