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aspacia provides a wide range of customizations and reports for Vista by Epicor.  Our customized reports for Vista Inventory will enhance and extend your ability to track your company's inventory quantities and expenses as well as maintain more accurate financials.

IC01 - Part Methods Listing - $350

This Vista report shows the on-hand quantity for all assemblies and materials, and shows costing at average, last and standard costing methods for each assembly and material. Gives you visibility of costs and quantities on hand!  View  Buy

IC02 - Part History Report - $250

This Vista report shows a summary listing of transactions by customer, part and job for a user defined date, part, class and transaction type range subtotaled by transaction source with a summary P/L percentage.  View  Buy

IC03 - Materials Requirement Planning Report - $350

The complete Vista MRP planning tool for your purchased parts! This report shows purchased parts with a shortage or overage, or optionally all parts, after calculating your job requirements vs. supply from POs and on hand quantity. Optionally shows PO and jobs requirements for planning purposes.   View  Buy

IC04 - Stock Status as of Report - $150

Vista Stock Status report with value that can be printed at any time to determine the value of your inventory on the date specified.  View  Buy

IC05 - Inventory Shortage Report - $350 

True exception reporting in Vista! For a user-specified range of parts and customers, the Shortage Report lists all order releases through a cutoff date where not enough parts are expected to be available to fulfill the order. The report considers inventory quantities, planned jobs, job material requirements, and planned POs when determining expected available quantities.  View  Buy

IC06 - Stock Status Report with Cost Variances - $75

This Vista report shows inventory with an on hand quantity not equal to zero, and includes standard cost, average cost, variance from standard to average cost, last cost, and variance from standard to last cost.  View  Buy

IC07 - Stock Status with On Order Quantity - $100

Vista Stock Status Report which also includes quantity allocated and quantity on order (pending purchase order). Report can be sorted by part or vendor, and can be run for manufactured, purchased or all parts.  View  Buy

IC08 - Part Min/Max Report with Sales Order Information - $150

This Vista report shows all Manufactured Parts falling below the minimum quantity calculated by hand quantity less balance of open sales orders, or parts over the maximum quantity. User defined cut-off date so only orders within date range are considered.  View  Buy

IC09 - Stock Status Report with Cost Variances - $150

Vista Inventory Report listing all parts with a quantity on hand not equal to zero group by Part Class or Product Group and sorted descending by part value within each group. User is prompted for costing method at run-time, so parts may be costed using Average, Last or Standard Cost. Also shows the value of the current part as a percentage of the total for the group.  View  Buy

IC10 - JIT Requirements Report - $350

True exception reporting for your manufactured parts! This Vista report shows manufactured parts with a shortage after calculating your order requirements vs. supply from jobs and on hand quantity, or optionally shows all manufactured parts. Includes a user defined cutoff date so you can view strictly the exceptions as of the date specified. Optionally shows order and job details with job status for planning purposes. Will include subassembly parts if subassembly allocation program is run!  View  Buy

IC11 - Negative Inventory Report - $75

Shows all parts in inventory with negative quantities sorted by part class. This Vista Report is costed at either Average, Last or Standard value.  View  Buy

ICU01 - Excel/Vista Pricing Update - $400

Excel retrieves and formats the following data from your database and displays it in the spreadsheet. You can specify any/all combinations of customer ID, inventory class, and product group filter. When you change the value in the Unit Price the new value is immediately written to the Vista database.  View  Buy

ICU02 - Pull From Stock Program - $75

Vista alert that marks all releases on a sales order to pull from stock rather than make to order.  View  Buy

ICU03 - Standard Cost Rollup Modification - $400

This Vista program updates standard cost for material, labor and burden for part assemblies. Saves hours of manual calculations for the shop who has set up parts as sub-assemblies or has multiple sub-assemblies.  View  Buy

ICU04 - Material Issue Alert - $150

This Vista Alert will allow material to be issued only if the quantity on hand will not fall below 0.  View  Buy

ICU05 - Where Used Query - $125

Where used query to identify where a part it being used in Method Assemblies and Method Materials. Parts in Vista can be select and edited from the resulting grid.  View  Buy

ICU06 - Update Standard Price Program - $75

This Vista program updates the Part standard price with the current average price.  View  Buy

ICU07 - Reset Inventory Quantity - $75

Resets Vista Inventory quantity on hand to 0 for all parts.  View  Buy

ICU08 - Part Documents Query - $75

Vista Query that Creates a table of Part Documents that can be used to link to existing reports in any standard report writer.   View  Buy

ICU09 - Update Allocation for Job Sub-Assemblies - $250

Vista does not allocate job assemblies, but our program will! This program will refresh the existing inventory allocations and additionally allocate job subassemblies so they can be managed by exception.   View  Buy

ICU10 - Update Transaction Standard Price - $250

Program for Vista to update the average price for a part to the standard price field for labor, burden and material.   View  Buy


We're constantly updating our catalog of reports and customizations for the accounts payable module of Vista by Epicor so, if you don't see what you need, call us at:


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