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aspacia provides a wide range of customizations and reports for Vista by Epicor.  Our customized reports for Vista Order Entry will enhance and extend your ability to track your company's orders, jobs and production as well as maintain more accurate financials.

OE01 - Open Order Report with Job Status - $250 

Shows all Vista open order lines with remaining quantity, next release quantity, date and value. Also shows linked jobs and the current job operation.  View  Buy

OE02 - New Order Report - $150 

Prints for a user defined order or range of Vista orders, and displays the Sales Order information, inventory quantities on hand, allocated and available, linked jobs with status and Job History for the Part. A warning is prominently displayed if the part is not in Part / Method Entry.  View  Buy

OE03 - Open Order Report - $350 

This Vista Open Order Report contains customer, part and purchase order filters, and primary and secondary sort options by Customer ID, Customer Name, Delivery Date, Part ID, Purchase Order or Sales Order for a total of 30 available sort options! This report contains a starting and ending date range, and optionally prints pricing information and part description.  View  Buy

OE04 - Order Backlog Report - $350 

Vista Order Entry Backlog Report that shows the value of unshipped orders within the date buckets specified. The total price and total backlog reflect only the value of releases that fall within the date range specified.  View  Buy

OEU01 - Shipping Labels Program - $400 

Provides the ability to print multiple Vista shipping labels with the part ID and quantity per box for each shipping box.        View  Buy

OEU02 - Sales Order Forward Fill - $350 

Vista program that allows a quantity overshipped on an order release to roll forward to the remaining order releases.       View  Buy

OEU03 - Order Detail Alert on Quantity on Hand and Quantity Allocated - $75 

This Vista program will alert the user to the quantity on hand and the quantity allocated for the order detail line.      View  Buy

OEU08 - Order Entry Make ID Alert - $150 

This Vista program will allow the user to change the shipping release make ID after the release has been saved.      View  Buy


We're constantly updating our catalog of reports and customizations for the accounts payable module of Vista by Epicor so, if you don't see what you need, call us at:


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