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aspacia provides a wide range of customizations and reports for Vista by Epicor.  Our customized reports for the Vista Purchasing Module will enhance and extend your ability to track your company's purchasing trends, vendor performance as well as maintain more accurate financials.

PC01 - Open Purchase Order Report - $350 

This Vista Open Purchase Order report will print for Inventory, Job, Subcontract or all purchases and also prints PO memos! Sort options include Buyer, Job, Part, Purchase Order, Vendor ID or Vendor Name with the options to include the part description and group totals for the selected sort. This report also includes a cutoff date so you can review just the purchase orders you wish to see.  View  Buy

PC02 - Job Purchase Order Summary - $350  

Vista report that shows material requirement estimated and actual costs summarized by assembly for specified job.          View  Buy

PC03 - Vendor List with Omissions - $50  

Vendor listing which highlights any fields not entered in Vista vendor entry.   View  Buy

PC04 - P/O Receipt Cost Analysis - $50  

Vista Purchase Order Receipt listing for user specified date range that shows the receipt details, then compares the receipt cost to the part average cost and lists the cost differential.     View  Buy

PC05 - JIT Open P/O Delivery Schedule - $200  

This Vista purchasing report shows job PO Requirements by related operation start date for range of vendors or all vendors. custom notes & vendor part ID fields optional.            View  Buy

PC06 - P/O Purchase Price Variance Report - $350  

This Vista report displays all invoices entered for a specified Purchase Order, or all purchase orders invoiced within a user specified date range with purchase price variance. Optionally show details or a summary by purchase order with report totals. View  Buy

PC07 - P/O Purchase History Report - $200  

This Vista report displays purchasing information for a user specified part and date range with optional detail or summary views. View  Buy

PCF01 - Daily Receipt Audit - $50  

Vista Daily Receipt Audit modified with additional fields and reformatted for readability.  View  Buy

PCF02 - Purchase Order - $50  

Modified and reformatted Vista purchase order form with an alternate header for multiple pages.   View  Buy

PCU01 - Approved Vendor Alert - $250  

On Vista RecordSave and when purchasing for a job, determines if the Vendor is an approved supplier for the customerView  Buy

PCU02 - Customer PO Detail Alert - $75  

Pulls the Vista customer ID from the job header to the Purchase Order Detail.   View  Buy

PCU03 - Mass Close Purchase Orders - $75  

Close Vista Purchase Orders by PO range or cutoff date.      View  Buy

PCU04 - PO Edit Alert - $250  

Allows a Vista Administrator to restrict and maintain the users that may edit a Purchase Order once created.   View  Buy

PCU05 - PO Unit Price Alert - $50  

Allows a Vista Administrator to restrict and maintain the users that may edit a Purchase Order once created.   View  Buy


We're constantly updating our catalog of reports and customizations for the purchasing module of Vista by Epicor so, if you don't see what you need, call us at:


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